Shechem at Hope Street

Milwaukee, WI

Designed as a safe, welcoming, and productive place for children and families in the community to learn and thrive, the Shechem community center was built on Hope Street. Combining functionality with care, our teams worked together to bring this vital vision to life.

When others said they couldn’t, we said “let’s do it”, and a beautiful partnership was born. The mission of Shechem aligns perfectly with ours: to build better, strong communities. As a place for kids to do their homework, or teens and adults to play pickup basketball, Shechem offers a gathering place – a place for fun, growth, and friendship. With artistic design and a focus on quality, Shechem remains one of our favorite projects to date.

“For so long, it was just a picture and now it’s actually a living, breathing building, and it’s beautiful and people are filling it up, it’s just been a dream come true. “

– Ashley Thomas, Executive Director